segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

English activities

A. Reading
Jack is a bachelor. He works in
downtown Chicago as a shoe salesman.
Every morning on his way to work, Jack
stops at a donut shop and buys a chocolate
donut and a cup of coffee. Jack likes this
morning routine because it is quick and easy.
He doesn’t have to cook breakfast or wash
the dishes.
Last time Jack went to the doctor for
a check-up his doctor told him that he had
high cholesterol. The doctor told Jack to
stop eating foods that are high in fat.
Donuts are fried in a lot of fat.

B. True or False
1. ________ Jack is a shoe salesman in Seattle, Washington.
2. ________ Jack is married, but he and his wife are getting a divorce.
3. ________ The nurse told Jack to stop eating fatty foods like donuts.
4. ________ In the picture, Jack is sitting on a stool and drinking coffee.
5. ________ Donuts are healthy because they are fried in fat.

C. Writing – Write a conversation between Jack and his doctor.
Doctor: Jack, your cholesterol is high. You need to eat healthy foods with little fat.
Jack: But I like to eat chocolate donuts, hamburgers, and fries.

Arbor Day

A. Reading
It’s Arbor Day, and Marla and Tio are planting a tree in their backyard. Their parents are
watching TV in the living room, and they don’t know what the children are doing. Marla
and Tio learned about Arbor Day in school. Their teachers told them trees are important
to the environment because they create oxygen and provide a home for birds and other
small animals. Now, the kids want to surprise their parents by planting a tree in the
middle of the backyard. They hope their parents will be happy.
Writing – What should Marla and Tio say to their dad and mom? Complete the
conversation below. When you finish, practice the conversation with friends.
Mom: Hi, kids. What are you doing?

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